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What does my child learn with EDURINO?

Figur Yuki "Creativity and Design"

Painting and colour

This creative learning journey begins in the artists' quarter, where your child and Juki explore colour and drawing techniques. Discover how colours are composed through mixing and strengthen your child’s fine motor skills in our creative dynamic line games.

Costume and character design

Next you will visit the tailor's studio where you can design clothing and costumes. Your child has the freedom to create their own characters by choosing from a variety of playful patterns and fabrics, all while exploring imaginative techniques.

Creative design

Guided by Tinky, the inventor, your child can let their imagination run wild with more than just painting!. They'll gather craft materials and explore creative techniques used in experimentation and design. Crafting rockets, props for plays, and statues for the artists' district is just the beginning!

Figur Ari "My Body Parts"

Body Parts & Body Diversity

In the research station, your child can discover different bodies and their parts together with Ari and Doc, the researcher. They will learn the specific names and places of body parts in detail and also discover how they function.

Discovering the Five Senses

In the next part of the episode, your child will become familiar with naming the senses and the organs associated with them. They will also explore how these five senses play a crucial role in the way we perceive the world around us.

Dental and Bodily Hygiene

Your child will discover the importance of personal and dental care routines and understand why sticking to these regularly is important in everyday life.

Looking After Our Body

In this part of the episode your child will learn about taking care of their body and discover essential steps to protect it. It’s not just about drinking enough water and applying sunscreen, but also understanding and setting boundaries in relation to their own body.

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