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What does my child learn with EDURINO?

Figur Robin "Early Numbers and Shapes"

Numbers 0-10

Children should begin to count and recognise digits from 0-10, and lots of practice is needed to consolidate this knowledge. In order to make this process as varied as possible, your child gets to know the numbers through different approaches (e.g. through writing, reading and listening) and a through variety of games.


For the development of number concept, it is important that the children have a variety of counting experiences and are challenged to determine numbers in different contexts. This will later build the ability to determine larger quantities without having to count them individually.

Introduction to addition

In this section, initial arithmetic is practiced in real-life situations, such as baking a cake or paying with coins. A early look into mathematical concepts is also provided, where your child comes into contact with arithmetic signs and number bonds to 10.

2D Shapes

This section is a first introduction to basic shapes. Your child interacts playfully with common 2D shapes and learns to recognise them based on relevant properties like number of sides and vertices. They also start to recognise shapes in everyday real-world objects.

Figur Luca "Early Coding Skills"

Puzzles and riddles

Mini-games address different areas of logic and get progressively more difficult as you go. While your child helps Luca crack the door code or fix the antenna, their cognitive development is supported at the same time.

Logical thinking

In systematic thinking, you focus less on the individual parts of a system and more on their interconnections and interaction. In one of our mini-games, your child moves obstacles and systematically sheds light on Lupa's big warehouse.

Problem solving

Dividing problems into smaller sections and solving them step by step is an essential basic skill of programming. Your child will learn these skills while helping Bonki the robot through an obstacle course with fun tools.

Recognize structures & patterns

When programming, you often come across systems that are becoming more and more complex. Through a fun energy flow game, your child will learn about one in a playful way and help Mr. Dandelion make his lamps light up again.

Figur Asa "Plants & Wildlife"


Throughout the games, your child visits different habitats in nature. Special native mammals, birds and insects can be discovered in the forest, on the meadow or in the lake. Your child will learn exciting facts about the animals, whilst observing and photographing them before caring for them in the rescue centre.

Plants and Trees

Upon discovering a dilapidated hut in the forest your child is given the opportunity to grow their own garden. Using the tools provided and a little patience they can grow their own magnificent allotment of plants and trees. Throughout the game your child is encouraged to observe this process and grow a sustainable plot.

Discovering eco systems

It is important for children to recognise networks and symbioses in nature. This helps them to understand the complicated connections of life and their role in maintaining them. Your child will gain a valuable insight into various connections in nature throughout our fun mini games, such as the symbiosis of plants with flowers and bees.


We too are part of nature and must find a sustainable way to deal with our surroundings. In these mini-games, children learn about the fundamentals of sustainable development. By saving resources such as water and energy or collecting and sorting waste from nature, they learn concrete skills that they can use in everyday life.

Figur Ari "My Body Parts"

Body Parts & Body Diversity

In the research station, your child can discover different bodies and their parts together with Ari and Doc, the researcher. They will learn the specific names and places of body parts in detail and also discover how they function.

Discovering the Five Senses

In the next part of the episode, your child will become familiar with naming the senses and the organs associated with them. They will also explore how these five senses play a crucial role in the way we perceive the world around us.

Dental and Bodily Hygiene

Your child will discover the importance of personal and dental care routines and understand why sticking to these regularly is important in everyday life.

Looking After Our Body

In this part of the episode your child will learn about taking care of their body and discover essential steps to protect it. It’s not just about drinking enough water and applying sunscreen, but also understanding and setting boundaries in relation to their own body.

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