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Early Coding Skills with Luca

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What does my child learn with EDURINO?

  • Coding is the future
  • Luca the Dog introduces essential coding skills such as problem-solving and pattern recognition
  • This topic explores coding through a series of puzzles and challenges that children love to complete
  • Designed in partnership with teachers and tailored to children from 4-8 years old
Puzzles and riddles

Mini-games address different areas of logic and get progressively more difficult as you go. While your child helps Luca crack the door code or fix the antenna, their cognitive development is supported at the same time.

Logical thinking

In systematic thinking, you focus less on the individual parts of a system and more on their interconnections and interaction. In one of our mini-games, your child moves obstacles and systematically sheds light on Lupa's big warehouse.

Problem solving

Dividing problems into smaller sections and solving them step by step is an essential basic skill of programming. Your child will learn these skills while helping Bonki the robot through an obstacle course with fun tools.

Recognize structures & patterns

When programming, you often come across systems that are becoming more and more complex. Through a fun energy flow game, your child will learn about one in a playful way and help Mr. Dandelion make his lamps light up again.

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