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Phonics Skills with Mika

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What does my child learn with EDURINO?

Mika the fox takes children on a fun-first adventure to develop strong phonics foundations and build a lifelong love of reading. Our interactive games are developed by teachers to support phonics national curriculum goals.

Identifying sounds in words

Your child learns to listen carefully and memorise sounds. Mika encourages them to pick out sounds at the beginning, middle and end of a word and strengthens their understanding of the phonetic structure of words.

Learning the forms and shapes of letters

When preparing for reading and writing, it is important to differentiate between the content and appearance of words and letters and to look at them separately. Your child is taught to recognise the formation of a letter and to distinguish between them based on their structure.

Writing letters correctly

Your child learns to write letters in the correct directional shapes and to hold the ergonomic pen in a relaxed position. Our ergonomic pen helps with refining fine motor skills.

Recognising upper and lower case letters

Mika introduces concepts, which are fundamental for later reading and writing proficiency. Recognising upper and lower case letters and their shapes is encouraged in order to internalise the distinction and connections.

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Developed by Teachers Free & Fast Shipping on all Orders

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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