EDURINO Starter Set, Robin the Racoon, educational maths games, includes ergonomic pen
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EDURINO child, games that promote independent learning
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EDURINO educational maths games for kids

Starter Set

Early Numbers and Shapes with Robin

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What does my child learn with EDURINO?

  • Get to know numbers and shapes
  • Robin the Racoon introduces early number concepts such as counting, comparison and number bonds
  • Set your child up for mathematical success through interactive learning games and puzzles
  • Designed in partnership with teachers and tailored to Early Years children
Numbers 0-10

Children should begin to count and recognise digits from 0-10, and lots of practice is needed to consolidate this knowledge. In order to make this process as varied as possible, your child gets to know the numbers through different approaches (e.g. through writing, reading and listening) and a through variety of games.


For the development of number concept, it is important that the children have a variety of counting experiences and are challenged to determine numbers in different contexts. This will later build the ability to determine larger quantities without having to count them individually.

Introduction to addition

In this section, initial arithmetic is practiced in real-life situations, such as baking a cake or paying with coins. A early look into mathematical concepts is also provided, where your child comes into contact with arithmetic signs and number bonds to 10.

2D Shapes

This section is a first introduction to basic shapes. Your child interacts playfully with common 2D shapes and learns to recognise them based on relevant properties like number of sides and vertices. They also start to recognise shapes in everyday real-world objects.

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Why choose EDURINO?

Supports handwriting and fine motor skills

Developed by educators

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