Introducing the new “Download Manager”

Introducing the new “Download Manager”

We're excited to announce upcoming enhancements to your EDURINO experience! Starting May 9th, we'll be rolling out our new Download Manager. Learn more about it in the FAQ section below.

1. What is the download manager and why introduce it?

The download manager is a space where you can choose which learning worlds you would like to store offline on your child's device. By managing your downloads, we ensure your child can enjoy all the learning worlds they want to discover without filling up your device's storage unnecessarily. 

2. Where can I choose which learning worlds to download?

After your update, simply navigate to the parent area, where you'll find an intuitive interface to select and manage your downloaded learning worlds effortlessly.

3. How long do downloads take, and how much space do they occupy?

Each learning world downloads quickly, taking just a minute with standard WiFi, and occupies around 80MB of space. This efficiency ensures you can download multiple learning worlds without bogging down your device.

4. Can my child play while a download is in progress?

While a download is ongoing, the app temporarily pauses other activities to ensure a seamless experience. You'll need to stay on the download screen until it's complete.

5. Will my children's learning progress be safe after the system upgrade?

Yes, your children’s achievements and levels are securely stored with your account, ensuring a smooth transition to the new system without any loss of progress.

6. If I delete and then re-download a learning world, will my child's progress be saved?

Yes! Your child can pick up right where they left off, even if you delete and re-download learning worlds. Their learning progress is safely tied to your account, so there's no need to start from scratch.

7. How do I remove downloaded learning worlds once my child wants to move on with another learning world?

You can easily delete learning worlds in the parent area.

8. What happens if my child selects a figurine for which the learning world isn't downloaded yet?

If your child selects an unavailable episode, they'll receive a friendly voice message and a password-protected download button will appear. This ensures a safe and supervised downloading process.

9. Does this update affect the app's compatibility?

The update maintains compatibility with a wide range of devices, including older models with limited storage. By reducing the app's size, we’re making EDURINO more accessible to families who might not have the latest hardware.