Unlock Your Child's Reading Potential with Mika: The Ultimate Parent's Guide to Phonics Fun

Unlock Your Child's Reading Potential with Mika: The Ultimate Parent's Guide to Phonics Fun

Fall in Love with Reading and Writing

Welcome to a new learning adventure led by Mika the Fox! Your child will join Mika on a journey through the magical realm of letters and sounds as they discover reading and writing. Designed by the creative minds at EDURINO, Mika ensures that learning phonics is a breeze — it's a captivating adventure that sparks curiosity and ignites imaginations. So buckle up and get ready to discover how Mika brings the joy of phonics learning to life!

Why Phonics?

Let's dive deeper into the heart of Mika's mission: phonics mastery! Phonics, the relationship between sounds and letters, lays the foundation for reading and writing proficiency. By honing phonics skills, children gain the ability to decode words, understand their meanings, and express themselves with confidence. The National Curriculum followed by all educational institutions states that when taught in a structured way with increasing difficulty levels then phonics is “the most effective way of teaching young children to read”

Our educators took the essential phonics skills your child will use throughout their life and worked with game designers to make the learning process fun! Our games never feel like homework to children because each one is painstakingly designed to capture their imagination and empower them to lead the adventure themselves.

Who designed Phonics Skills with Mika?

Education is at the core of everything we do at EDURINO, and behind the scenes, we have a dedicated team of experts crafting the content that enriches your child's learning journey. We have teachers with over a decade of classroom teaching experience bringing their knowledge of what gets kids engaged and even a Cambridge-educated Educational Researcher who brings a wealth of knowledge and insights to the table. Together, they collaborate to ensure that every aspect of Mika's curriculum is thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of young learners and align with best practices in early childhood education. With their expertise and passion for teaching, you can trust that your child is in good hands as they embark on their phonics adventure with Mika.

With Mika's guidance, children embark on a thrilling phonics journey, where each lesson is a stepping stone toward literacy mastery. From learning to distinguish letter sounds and recognizing phonetic patterns to segmenting words and blending sounds together, Mika's interactive activities make phonics learning an adventure to remember.

Action-Packed Minigames and Endearing Characters:

Hold onto your hats, adventurers, because Mika's minigames are where the real fun begins! Dive into thrilling listening games, embark on daring reading adventures, and flex those creative muscles with captivating writing challenges. And let's not forget our lovable explorer, Mika, whose infectious energy and endearing voice lines make every moment a joyous celebration of learning!

Is Phonics Skills the Best Learning Adventure for my Child?

Mika is designed for children who are starting their phonics journey and need support in early phonics teaching. It’s tailored to young learners who are ready to explore letters and their sounds in more depth beyond basic vocabulary building. Mika's curriculum focuses on phonics skills, such as identifying letters, understanding their sounds, and segmenting words to recognise phonetic components.

Mika is ideal for children who are eager to develop a strong foundation in phonics, as it introduces concepts like recognising capital and lowercase letters and understanding grapheme-phoneme correspondences. By engaging with Mika, children can enhance their literacy skills by learning how letters represent sounds and how these sounds come together to form words.

Furthermore, Mika's emphasis on phonics can benefit children who are beginning to read and write, as it provides essential skills for decoding words and improving reading fluency. It offers a structured approach to phonics instruction, making it suitable for parents and educators who are seeking resources to support their children's early literacy development.

Learning Content:

  • How to listen carefully and distinguish letter sounds.
  • Identify sounds at the beginning, middle and end of a word.
  • Understand the phonetic structure of words and begin to segment them.
  • How to recognise capital and lowercase letters 
  • Learn the shapes and formation of the letters
  • Recognising the differences between similar letter shapes
  • To write letters with their correct formation
  • How to maintain a relaxed pen position
  • To refine their fine motor control